LIFE Magazine January 23, 1956

LIFE Magazine January 23, 1956 Mr. Truman Today, Still Campaigning


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Pg… 24 THE WEEK'S EVENTS: Robbery team that stole $1 million from Brink's in 1950 after elaborate rehearsals is seized on deadline by FBI

Pg… 30 THE WEEK'S EVENTS: A look at the World's Week

Pg… 32 THE WEEK'S EVENTS: Florida's fattest tourist fling: millions seek a place in the sun

Pg… 45 THE WEEK'S EVENTS: A new farm bill tops congressional list of important measures

Pg… 53 THE WEEK'S EVENTS: Liberia re–inaugurates Tubman president as Russians horn in

Pg… 59 THE WEEK'S EVENTS: A munificent party–giver (Minnie Mangum) is arrested for embezzlement

Pg… 40 EDITORIAL: Truman, China, and history

Pg… 116 PHOTOGRAPHIC ESSAY: The living immortals of the silent screen, as picked by the movies' pioneers, are shown as they were and are

Pg… 76 ARTICLE: The Truman Memoirs, Volume II. In the first of five installments from "Years of Trial and Hope", Harry Truman tells why he sent George Marshall to China in 1946 and how the mission failed. With nine color portraits of Truman's top aides as they appear today.

Pg… 48 SEQUEL: In a true thriller, Berlin kidnap victims flee Red grip

Pg… 67 ART: Museum director's choice: a sunny, fleeting moment by Cassatt, picked by the head of Washington's Corcoran Gallery

Pg… 69 ANIMALS: Kennel Club recognizes, for first time in a decade, a new breed of dog: the rough and ready Rhodesian ridgeback

Pg… 109 SPORTS: U.S. puts best foot forward with two pretty Olympic skaters

Pg… 125 FASHION: Bare midriffs are back as spring buyers snap up new designs

Pg… 131 THEATER: Thornton Wilder's "Matchmaker" blends hokum and wisdom into funniest fracas on Broadway

Pg… 138 SCIENCE: New X–ray device uses powder to take detailed photographs

Pg… 143 PARTY: Seattle bus riders get free rides, flowers and fruit as city–owned line popularizes 100 new buses

Pg… 14 OTHER DEPARTMENTS: Speaking of pictures: a Kansas paint dealer sculptures his home towners in cement

Pg… 146 OTHER DEPARTMENTS: Miscellany: no neck on deck

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