LIFE Magazine January 3, 1964

LIFE Magazine January 3, 1964 Lakonia Disaster Fire at Sea

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Pg… 4 Editorials: Freedom's Past in 1963 as Prologue to 1964. African Lesson for the Russians

Pg… 7 LIFE Guide: What's Going On in the Warm–Weather Places. Festivals, Rodeos and a Golf Classic

Pg… 8 Letters to the Editors

Pg… 10 The 'Lakonia' Disaster: Terror at Sea as Passengers and Crew Abandon a Blazing Cruise Liner. Exclusive Pictures of the Fire and Rescue Operations. Passengers' Stories of Panic and Heroism

Pg… 22 Items in the News: President Johnson Says Farewell to His Predecessor. West Berliners Cross the Hated Wall. Chasm Yawns in a Los Angeles Dam. Alec Guinness Portrays Poet Dylan Thomas. Parisian Theatergoers Riot Onstage Over a Make–Believe Pope

Pg… 26 Chou En–Lai in Africa: Starting His Two–Month Tour of African States, Red China's Premier Makes a Pitch to Nasser's Egypt

Pg… 28 Rugged Likeness of J.F.K.: Sculptor Distills the Last President's Image from 800 New Photographs

Pg… 32 Here Comes the Hovercraft!: British Manufactures Show Canada a Lake–and–Tundra–Hopping Craft that Rides on a Cushion of Air. Meanwhile, U.S. Navy Looks Into Possible Military Uses of Hydrofoils

Pg… 38 The Football Bowls: The Color and Pageantry of America's Biggest Sports Extravaganza

Pg… 46 1913?Part III: Rebellious Peoples and Bitter National Rivalries Moved Europe Inexorably Toward the Fateful Sparks that Ignited World War I?and Brought an Elegant Era to an End. Text by Edward Kern

Pg… 62 Hostages in Bolivia: The Exclusive Story of Four Americans Held Captive for 10 Days by Mutinous Tin Miners

Pg… 70 Down Go Necklines: Once Again They Take the Plunge, and the High Choked Look is Out. Fashionable Young New Yorkers Show What Spring Will Bring to Party Dresses

Pg… 72 Miscellany: Giddy–ap Statue

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