LIFE Magazine January 4, 1954

LIFE Magazine January 4, 1954 U.S. Growth Special Issue


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Pg… 6 Extra Luxuries for Families

Pg… 12 Costliest Thing Our Taxes Buy

Pg… 22 As Seen from Washington

Pg… 27 The Luckiest Generation

Pg… 31 Handsome Additions to Landscape

Pg… 42 The American Domesticated Male

Pg… 46 A Bold Plan for World Trade, by John Knox Jessup and Michael A. Heilperin

Pg… 63 Hedge Against Iron Ore Shortage

Pg… 68 Color Television Upheaval

Pg… 71 Mass–Produced Car of the Future

Pg… 74 A Look at 200th Birthday of U.S.

Pg… 78 A Sure Bet: Twice as Much Power

Pg… 92 Wizards of the Coming Wonders

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