LIFE Magazine January 9, 1950

LIFE Magazine January 9, 1950 Norma de Landa


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Pg… 17 The Week's Events: U.S. Science Holds Its Biggest Powwow and Finds it Has a New Einstein Theory to Ponder

Pg… 24 The Week's Events: Editorials: Rambling Pensions, Out of This World, Of News and Horses, Rudolph and the Stinkers

Pg… 25 The Week's Events: Death Climaxes Safety Demonstration

Pg… 26 The Week's Events: The Door Opens on a Holy Year

Pg… 30 The Week's Events: Noise Annoys "New Yorker"

Pg… 35 The Week's Events: Angus Ward is Liberated

Pg… 36 The Week's Events: Christmas Tree Sets Fire to Town in Pennsylvania

Pg… 54 Photographic Essay: The Drama of Mexico, Photographed for LIFE by Leonard McCombe

Pg… 69 Article: The Dog's Frued, by Herbert Brean

Pg… 43 Movies: Bicycle Thief

Pg… 51 Aviation: 27–MPH Plane

Pg… 79 Books: Gesture Language

Pg… 85 Fashion: Jeweled Shoes

Pg… 88 Animals: Comeback for Elephant Seal

Pg… 2 Other Departments: Letters to the Editors

Pg… 10 Other Departments: Speaking of Pictures: Wall–less Factory Makes New Industrial Pattern

Pg… 38 Other Departments: LIFE Congratulates

Pg… 92 Other Departments: LIFE Visits a School for Future Broadway Stars

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