LIFE Magazine July 1980

LIFE Magazine July 1980 Cape Hatteras Lighthouse


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Pg… 4 editor's note That.

Pg… 7 Camera at Work: a bite you'll never forget.

Pg… 14 Letters.

Pg… 23 Portrait: the Reverend Peter J. Gomes, a Victorian preacher at "Godless" Harvard––by Anne Fadiman

Pg… 26 The Tough and Holmespun Mr. Muskie: the new secretary of state's first whirlwind days, photograph by his son.

Pg… 35 The Cuban Tide: among the new immigrants, a wide offering of skills.

Pg… 40 Boston's Birthday Bash: seagoing salute to a happy 350th.

Pg… 45 Legacy of Alexander: an exhibit from ancient Greece celebrates an archaeological discovery.

Pg… 54 Therese of the Slums: a saintly nun embraces India's poor

Pg… 67 The Imperishable P.T.: subject of a Broadway hit, Barnum made hokum and art––by Tom Prideaux

Pg… 70 The Sands Won't Stop Shifting: along America's beautiful coastline, the barrier islands are breaking down.

Pg… 79 The Third Man: is John Anderson just a spoiler or has he the right stuff?––by Ken Auletta

Pg… 89 Lowell's New Lease : a Massachusetts mill town wins unique status as an industrial national Park

Pg… 93 Casa Travolta: an exclusive look at the house that Grease bought.

Pg… 98 Life around the World: unpublished pictures show Mount Saint Helens as it appeared to people too close for comfort.

Pg… 104 Just One More. : Cover photograph by Mitchell Funk

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