LIFE Magazine July 1982

LIFE Magazine July 1982 Raquel Welch


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Pg… 4 Editors Note.

Pg… 7 The View from Here: the Trial of a Troubled Mind by Loudon Wainwright.

Pg… 8 Camera at Work: Reds: Joel Meyerowitz Doesn't Shoot until He Sees the Color of Their Hair.

Pg… 20 Letters.

Pg… 25 Portrait: Vangelis, the Composer Who Set Chariots of Fire by Joe Klein

Pg… 30 Nightmare in Vermont: Meghan O'Rourke, 12, Survives a Hideous Crime––Any State Reacts.

Pg… 42 Lighting up Kim's Sky: North Korea's Strongman Celebrates His 70th Birthday.

Pg… 48 Aquatic Acrobats: World Champions, Tracy Ruiz and Candy Costie Swim in Sink toward the '84 Olympics

Pg… 56 Bravo, and Boffo: Tommy Tune's Nine Is a Molto Sexy Musical Hit with Five Tony Awards

Pg… 62 The Bishop at Ground Zero: Matthieson, Amarillo Stirs in Unholy Flight with His Ban and Bomb Crusade

Pg… 68 A Brother at the Birthing: Two–Year–Old Matthew Attends the Delivery of Baby Jacob.

Pg… 74 Raquel Takes Manhattan: Her Career Was Going Nowhere––Suddenly It's All Lights and Limos

Pg… 80 The Ghost Blimp: the Bizarre Case of an Abandoned Airship. That Is Now Part of the Goodyear Fleet by Larry Engelmann.

Pg… 92 To Ohio with Love: an International Exhibit of 66 El Greco Paintings Is on Its Way to Toledo, USA

Pg… 101 Life around the World: in the Falklands War––Tears, Relief and the Military Lesson for the US.

Pg… 106 Just One More. : Cover Photographs by Andre Weinfeld/Sygma

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