LIFE Magazine July 1998

LIFE Magazine July 1998 Bullets / Heroes of a High School Shooting

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Pg… 10 Editor's Note: In defense of teenagers

Pg… 16 Letters: Reader reaction to the McCaughey septuplets and a possible cancer cure, plus the return of the Basset Waddle.

Pg… 26 The Big Picture: Ireland gives peace a chance; India and Pakistan practice for war; renegade soldiers terrorize Sierra Leone.

Pg… 48 Essay: in the midst of a disco revival, the man who first brought Saturday night fever to the mass media reflects on what he has wrought.

Pg… 126 Night & Day: Coney Island, around–the–clock photography by Georgia Kokolis

Pg… 128 Just Six More: Oh, the Drama! Fight night, 1948

Pg… 52 High School Heroes: They didn't think, they acted. How many lives did the Springfield, Oregon, teenagers save? Photography by Lynn Johnson

Pg… 68 Shooting Stars: Hollywood snaps back–at itself.

Pg… 78 Mississippi Cleanup: A modern day Huck Finn and friends get down and dirty to keep in mighty river beautiful, photography by Michael McLaughlin

Pg… 91 Flight 800: Two years after the crash, the twisted wreckage still haunts us photography by Jeff Mermelstein.

Pg… 101 Maya's Birthday: Oprah Winfrey gives us all a lesson in partying, to celebrate a beloved friend, a poet Maya Angelou. Photography by Margaret Courtney–Clarke

Pg… 104 animal E. R.: One week in a state–of–the–art veterinary Hospital raises an agonizing question: how much is a pet's life really worth? Photography by Susan Watts

Pg… 121 The Eagle Lady: and Alaskan Eagle fancier feeds the birds–for now. Photography by Frank Oberle : Cover: Thurston high school heroes(top row, from left), Loni Wilson, Jacob Ryker, Adam Walburger, Joshua Ryker, Michael Peebles, Douglas Ure, Tiffany Wright, Travis Weaver, David Ure photographs by Lynn Johnson

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