LIFE Magazine July 20, 1962

LIFE Magazine July 20, 1962 Nuclear Space Bomb Test in Pacific


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Pg… 26 STORIES OF THE WEEK: The U.S. Explodes a Huge Bomb in Space?and LIFE'S Exclusive Color Photographs Show the Result?a Light that Man had Never Seen. To Cap the Week's Achievement, the U.S. Sends Up Telstar

Pg… 36 STORIES OF THE WEEK: The Death of William Faulkner, an American Literary Genius, with an Account of His Funeral Written by William Styron

Pg… 4 EDITORIAL: Faulkner's Legacy: "Honor, Pity, Pride"

Pg… 56 COLOR SPECTACLE: The Case of the Baja Caves: Erie Stanley Gardner Solves a Real–Life Mystery: a Legendary Treasure Left by a Long–Lost Tribe. Photographed for LIFE by Nat Farbman

Pg… 67 ARTICLE OF THE WEEK: A Top Teamster Hits Back at Hoffa. "I was Near the Top of Jimmy's Drop–Dead List." By Sam Baron

Pg… 93 SPOTLIGHT: The Belly Laugh is Back

Pg… 47 DEPARTMENTS: Sports: the Lion of Judah's Hot–Footing Hero

Pg… 51 DEPARTMENTS: Fashion: Clothes Horse Show

Pg… 86 DEPARTMENTS: Close–Up: Public Worrier About Culture?August Heckscher

Pg… 8 DEPARTMENTS: Special Report: the Troubles a "Miracle" Brought. By Rafael Delgado Lozano

Pg… 15 DEPARTMENTS: LIFE Guide to Summer Movies, Music, Sports, Festivals, Americana, Books

Pg… 21 DEPARTMENTS: Letters to the Editors

Pg… 100 DEPARTMENTS: Miscellany: Odd Chap, Isn't She?

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