LIFE Magazine July 27, 1962

LIFE Magazine July 27, 1962 Elsa Martinelli Fashion


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Pg… 20 STORY OF THE WEEK: Help Before it is Too Late. A Camp for Boys on the Run, a Death House Warning from a Remarkable Prisoner Named Paul Crump. Photographed for LIFE by Grey Villet and Burk Uzzle

Pg… 4 EDITORIAL: Tips from the New Europe on Recovery

Pg… 32 NEWSFRONTS: Ike, Jackie, at Sea?Waiting for Winston?A Universal Wink?Deft Touch of Grace?New Boss for HEW?Royal Reunion

Pg… 48 COLOR SPECTACLE: A House Furnished with Flowers. Photographed for LIFE by Gordon Parks

Pg… 68 PHOTOGRAPHIC ESSAY: Some Shape for a Ship

Pg… 76 ARTICLE OF THE WEEK: The Joe Levine Saturation Treatment Will Get You, Too?to a Movies: the Super Salesman of Super Colossals. By Paul O'Neil

Pg… 39 DEPARTMENTS: Sports: Little League Elbow: It Happens to Catchers, Too

Pg… 43 DEPARTMENTS: Modern Living: that Many Kennedys?

Pg… 59 DEPARTMENTS: Animals: the Snow Man Legend Lives On: an Old Jumper's Jackpot

Pg… 63 DEPARTMENTS: Fashion: Stay–at–Home Nighties

Pg… 85 DEPARTMENTS: Art: Far–Out Forms for New Churches

Pg… 8 DEPARTMENTS: Special Report: Dr. Rosen's Shangri–La. By Albert Rosenfeld

Pg… 17 DEPARTMENTS: LIFE GUIDE to U.S. Underground, Art, Nature, Sports, Records

Pg… 19 DEPARTMENTS: Letters to the Editors

Pg… 92 DEPARTMENTS: Miscellany: Pro Blows His Top

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