LIFE Magazine July 28, 1961

LIFE Magazine July 28, 1961 Brigitte Bardot


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Pg… 22 NEWSFRONTS: A Special 16–Page Section on a Wild, Eye–Popping Week that Included Shooting from Bizerte to Bull Run; Plus a Second U.S. Man in Space, What’s to be Done About Berlin and How the White House Rates the Cabinet Pg… 36B EDITORIALS: Where Charity Begins Pg… 36B EDITORIALS: Are We Wasting Women? Pg… 38 THE COLOR SPECTACLE: “Prisoners of Our Geography”: Photographs Show the Mixed–Up Inheritance?of Races and Terrain?that has Helped Create Problems of Modern Latin America. Part V in LIFE’S Series on Latin America Pg… 52A ARTICLE OF THE WEEK: The Staggering Problem: Despite Great Odds and Obstacles, there can be no Retreat from Complex Social and Economic Ills of Latin America. By Robert Coughlan Pg… 61 THE PHOTOGRAPHIC ESSAY: He Barks and Buzzes, He Ticks and Whistles, but–––Can the Dolphin Learn to Talk? Photographed for LIFE by Flip Schulke. Importance of Being in Earnest about Dialogues of Dolphins. By Dr. John C. Lilly Pg… 79 SPOTLIGHT: Ferocious Far–Out Drama: Five Works of the Avant–Garde Theater Shock with Wild Humor and Violence. “They All Keep on Looking for Floogle Street.” By Tom Prideaux. And Bardot: France’s Far–Out Sex Siren Pg… 71 DEPARTMENTS: Sports: Ma, It’s Only a Game! When Little League Parents Get Into the Act, Anything Can Happen?but the Kids Seem Oblivious to Their Elders’ Antics Pg… 4 DEPARTMENTS: LIFE GUIDE to Summer Movies, Music Under the Stars Pg… 15 DEPARTMENTS: Special Report: J.F.K.’s Jolly Dodger: One Day Pierre Salinger May Cope with High Administration Policy, the Next with Worries About a Trumpet–Playing Rabbit. By Henry Suydam Pg… 21 DEPARTMENTS: Letters to the Editors Pg… 86 DEPARTMENTS: Miscellany: Turmoil Over a Topknot

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