LIFE Magazine July 30, 1965

LIFE Magazine July 30, 1965 Mickey Mantle New York Yankees Baseball


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Pg… 4 Editorials: Sink or Swim for U.S. Ships

Pg… 4 Editorials: Goldberg and World Rule by Law

Pg… 8 LIFE Reviews: Book: John le Carr?'s The Looking Glass War, Reviewed by Eric Ambler

Pg… 8 LIFE Reviews: Theater: The Decline and Fall of the Entire World As Seen Through the Eyes of Cole Porter Revisited and Leonard Bernstein's Theatre Songs Reviewed by Carter Harman

Pg… 15 Letters to the Editors

Pg… 16 The Feminine Eye: The Good Cops in Bad Trouble. By Shana Alexander

Pg… 18 J.F.K., Dean Rusk and State Department: Part III of "A Thousand Days." By Arthur M. Schlesinger Jr. A White House Insider's Story of President Kennedy's Frustration Over Lethargy, Mediocrity and Entrenched Bureaucracy in Secretary Rusk's Department

Pg… 28 Crisis in Greece: Mobs Riot Over the Ouster of a Prime Minister as the Royal Family Rejoices Over the Birth of a Crown Princess

Pg… 30 Items in the News: McNamara Launches a Bombing Raid in Vietnam.

Pg… 30 Items in the News: A Barber Hoses Down Civil Rights Demonstrators in Bogalusa

Pg… 30B Duty Overrules Justice Goldberg: How He Reached His Decision to Leave the Supreme Court and Succeed Adlai Stevenson at the U.N. By John Neary

Pg… 32 A Star Named Oskar Werner: Europe's Finest Actor Makes It Big in U.S. Films

Pg… 41 New Source of Nurses: Women Over 30

Pg… 46A A Changed Hubert: Special Report on Vice President Humphrey. By Susannah McBee

Pg… 46B Mickey Mantle's Misery: The New York Yankees' Great Slugger Plays on Bum Knees and Courage as His Career Fades. By John R. McDermott. Photographs by John Dominis

Pg… 56 More and More Boys with Mop–Tops

Pg… 62 Summer Skiing in Snowy Slush

Pg… 65 Shirley Temple's Debutante Daughter: Still Another Milestone for the Movie Moppet

Pg… 70 Great Dinners: Bluefish Barbecue: Welcome Switch for the Cook–Out. By Eleanor Graves

Pg… 76 Miscellany

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