LIFE Magazine June 18, 1956

LIFE Magazine June 18, 1956 Air Age Special Issue


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Pg… 14 MAN'S HIGH NEW REALM: The Exaltation of Modern Flight is Sensed in Howard Sochurek's Color Photographs of Sights a Grounding Never Sees

Pg… 39 CIVILIAN AMERICA HAS A BUSY DAY IN THE AIR: Photographers from Coast to Coast Document 24 Hours of Travel

Pg… 56 EDITORIAL: Science, Sickness?and Character

Pg… 59 SEARCH FOR SAFETY: Test Crack–Ups Help Find New Ways to Safeguard Passengers

Pg… 67 THE FRONTIER OF AVIATION: At Edwards Air Force Base a Few Pilots Fly Planes of the Future and an Army of Dedicated Technologists Supports Them, By Robert Wallace

Pg… 86 AIRPORTS AROUND THE GLOBE: In Paintings, Edward Reep Describes the New Gateways to the Wide World

Pg… 99 FAMILIES GO FLYING: Weekend Wings Take Private Fliers Into the Wilds

Pg… 109 ODD SHAPES FOR TOMORROW: Agile Aircraft Now Under Serious Study are Being Designed to Speed?or Hover

Pg… 117 THE HANDY HELICOPTER: Farfetched Stunts Show Off the Wondrousness of the Wingless Wonders

Pg… 123 CAPTAIN OF THE OCEAN AIR: Pan American Pilot Portlock Wilson and Versatile Crew Make World Travel a Routine. Photographed by Leonard McCombe

Pg… 135 THE GROWING AIR AMERICA: The Far–Ranging Revolution has Given Birth to a New, Noisy and Burgeoning Economy. By Charles J.V. Murphy

Pg… 154 PORTRAIT OF U.S. MILITARY AVIATION: Color Fold–Out Shows the Air Force's Front Line Planes and the Navy's Power

Pg… 161 THE INDISPENSABLE ENGINEER: The Industry Bids Fiercely for Men Like Boeing's Blumenthal Who Get the Planes Off the Drawing Board and Into the Air

Pg… 166 RESEARCH PLUNGES INTO THE FUTURE: The Achievement of Almost Unlimited Power Brings Man to New Challenges in a Strange World of Superspeed

Pg… 174 A SINGLE MOMENT OF TRANSATLANTIC TRAFFIC: Map Shows the Plane–Filled Air Lanes on a Night Over the Ocean

Pg… 176 AIRMAN WITHOUT WEIGHT: Progress Frees Flier of Gravity and Brings Him Confusion

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