LIFE Magazine June 1980

LIFE Magazine June 1980 U.S. Folk Art


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Pg… 4 Editor's Note.

Pg… 9 Camera at Work: wet world, up close.

Pg… 16 Letters.

Pg… 29 Portrait: Landford Wilson, after 30 plays, a Broadway hit and a Jennifer Allen

Pg… 32 The Downwind People: U.S. Atom bomb tests continue to take their toll

Pg… 44 Born Again Flamingos: a Bahamas rookery protects the rare pink bird

Pg… 50 The Deadly Justice of Revolt: Libya's brutal coup d'?tat.

Pg… 61 Weeping Stones: the pollution in Rome is destroying its monuments.

Pg… 68 Dynamite from Either Side: Bjorn Borg may be tennis's best ever

Pg… 79 Little Gloria: a heart rendering saga of love and greed. By Barbara Goldsmith

Pg… 94 Preacher of the Hard Right: evangelist Jerry Falwell is master of the TV message.

Pg… 102 America Rides Rock's New Wave: Son of punk Is alive and loud

Pg… 112 Fanciful Art of Plain Folk: in Today's Boom, Big Shows an Escalating Prices.

Pg… 124 School That Mend's Wrecked Lives: the DeSisto Treatment for Troubled Teenagers

Pg… 135 A Look Back at Tite: a photographer's remembrances, by John Phillips.

Pg… 143 Life around the World: In Iran, The Debris of Failure

Pg… 146 Life around the World: An African Throne for a Pope's Visit

Pg… 148 Life around the World: Instill the Cubans Come.

Pg… 150 Life around the World: The Master Vanishes

Pg… 152 Just One More.

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