LIFE Magazine June 1982

LIFE Magazine June 1982 Rare Zoo Animals


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Pg… 4 Editor's Note.

Pg… 7 The View from Here: None for the Road by Loudon Wainwright.

Pg… 8 Camera at Work: Rocky Gunn Shoots Love Stories, Not Just Weddings

Pg… 16 Letters.

Pg… 21 Portrait: Dr. Helen Caldicott, and Antinuclear Crusader Confronts "the Ultimate Medical Issue." By Douglas Hand

Pg… 26 Israel Clamps down: a Harsh Drive against Palestinian Resistance on the West Bank.

Pg… 37 In the Stretch with Sebastian Coe: the World's Best Miler Fine–Tunes His Body

Pg… 42 Nursery for Survival: Zoo's Are Taking on the Job of Saving the World's Endangered Species.

Pg… 50 To Die in Lima: a Cocaine Tragedy, the Tale of an American Who Got Mixed up in the Drug Trade by Bertram Gabriel.

Pg… 66 Sichuan: Part Two of a Light Series on Regional Cooking Focuses on the Chinese Province.

Pg… 81 Will Grease Lightning Strike Again? They Hit Movies Sequel Will Try to Make It without Travolta and Newton–John.

Pg… 88 Getting off Welfare: How One Family in Upstate New York Broke the Poverty Cycle.

Pg… 100 The Women Who Make the News: Clipping Away at TVs Sex Barriers by Jennifer Allen.

Pg… 108 Falklands Graveyard of Ships: Pawns in a War between Britain and Argentina, the Islands Are Also a Repository of History.

Pg… 119 Life around the World: a Mexican Volcano Spawns a Deadly Blizzard of Ash.

Pg… 120 Life around the World: Pooling All Those Enduring Old Charms.

Pg… 122 Life around the World: Terror on a Fashionable Paris Street.

Pg… 124 Life around the World: the World Gets a Peek at Graceland.

Pg… 126 Life around the World: before Godliness, Cleanliness.

Pg… 128 Just One More. : Cover Photograph by Dennis DeMello; Inset by Jonathan Becker

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