LIFE Magazine June 1990

LIFE Magazine June 1990 ELVIS PRESLEY


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Pg… 4 Publisher's Notes

Pg… 6 Moments in LIFE

Pg… 20 Letters

Pg… 25 Notes from the Interior, I Vermont, You Vermont, We Vermont

Pg… 30 Children of the Damned, On our meanest streets,the only way out for the next generation of crack casualties is jail–or death

Pg… 43 Life on the Lam with Tory and Dutchess, Kidnapping 12,000 pounds of elephant was easy,avoiding the FBI for five years was hard

Pg… 48 CAR CRAZY The American Passion, We drive them,and they drive us crazy,but we just can't help ourselves

Pg… 54 Training Wheels, Beach Boy or Playboy,every boy(and girl)loved his first car

Pg… 66 What's driving Tom Cruise, The fast Lanes top gun is not about to hit the wall at the Daytona speedway

Pg… 73 Dream Machines, From a 1926 Bugatti to a 1990 Corvette,they're all Duesies

Pg… 89 Radio Daze, Let the good times roll–and rock

Pg… 96 Down at the end of a Lonely Street,Elvis Presley's biographer says that the king killed himself

Pg… 106 How much is a Life Worth?, To the family and friends of college student Allison Atlas, no price is too high,no effort is too great

Pg… 118 46 Years ago in LIFE Eisenhower, Ike's son recalls D–Day

Pg… 122 Always a Bridesmaid, After attending 11 pals, Courtney Loftin looks forward to saying "I do"

Pg… 128 Parting Shot

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