LIFE Magazine June 1994

LIFE Magazine June 1994 Dream House


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Pg… 16 Life Remembers: From his greatest victories to the darkest hours, a portfolio of classic and unexpected moments from the tumultuous career of Richard M. Nixon.

Pg… 30 Camera At That: After a lifelong affair with photography, the celebrated Henri Cartier–Bresson renews his acquaintance with an early love.

Pg… 38 Almanac: In American original is born to triumph; another one fails, then makes a comeback; and Brits begin their reign on both sides of the Atlantic.

Pg… 46 Life Special:50 years after the Allies landed on the Normandy beaches, the man who dodged the shells share their reminiscence of the day that has lasted a lifetime

Pg… 58 Discovery: Flashing lizards, brilliant birds, for a verdant plants in a single tree, the wonder of the entire rainforest is alive.

Pg… 72 Face to Face: Olympic figure skating champion Oksana Baiul overcame personal tragedy at Lillehammer. Now the Swan of Odessa reveals a teenager's goofy spunk behind the dazzle

Pg… 82 The Way We Live: It's roomy, it's classy, and amazingly, it's affordable. Welcome to LIFE's 1994 American Dream House, designed by one of the nation's greatest architects, Robert A. M. Stern. Plus, a look at some other innovative designs for modern living in the glimpse inside some celebrities favorite rooms

Pg… 106 An American Place: On Numeral Mountain, high school graduate show their true colors one only : My other life:. Something for Paul Newman and Robert Redford. Now Bill Clinton once one of his own.

Pg… 110 On the job: She owes her success to scratch that being good with figures.

Pg… 112 How things work: A pit stop at the Indy 500 is a perfectly coordinated feet. That gets an anxious driver back on track and 16 seconds flat.

Pg… 115 Pictures to the Editor.

Pg… 116 Just One More. : Cover art by Robert A. M. Stern architects

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