LIFE Magazine June 20, 1938

LIFE Magazine June 20, 1938 Rudolph Valentino


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Pg… 9 Death from the Air: The Bombing of Caaton

Pg… 14 LIFE on the Newsfront of the World

Pg… 15 Newark Eggs Socialist Norman Thomas

Pg… 16 A President's Son Poses with His Fianc?e

Pg… 18 The U.S. Senate: First Pictures Ever Taken on the Floor During a Session

Pg… 22 What Today's Amateur Gets from Television Program

Pg… 24 George VI Presents His Grenadiers with New Colors

Pg… 26 World's Largest Transoceanic Plane Is Tested at Seattle

Pg… 27 LIFE Looks Back to the First Nonstop Transatlantic Flight

Pg… 28 Smallest Man–Full Size

Pg… 40 The Belgian Congo: The Denis–Roosevelt Expedition Films Its Giants and Pygmies, Its Customs and Ceremonies, Its Animals and Atmosphere

Pg… 54 Valentino Comes Back for Revival of Old Favorites

Pg… 30 "Extinel" Sea Otters Appear Off California Coast

Pg… 34 F. Molina Campos Paints the Argentine Cowboy

Pg… 36 Mike Jacobs, Boxing Promoter–A Biography in Pictures

Pg… 39 ?and Boston's Boy Boxers

Pg… 2 Speaking of Pictures–Enemies Who Were Once Friends

Pg… 6 Letters to the Editors

Pg… 58 LIFE Goes to a Party at a Juvenile Ball

Pg… 62 Pictures to the Editors

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