LIFE Magazine June 5, 1964

LIFE Magazine June 5, 1964 Cremation of Nehru


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Pg… 4 Editorial: Nation Nehru Made Joins East and West

Pg… 10 LIFE Reviews: Book: New Horatio Alger Series Starring L.B.J., Reviewed by Jules Feiffer

Pg… 10 LIFE Reviews: Records: Burton's Historic Hamlet for Only $15, Reviewed by Thomas Thompson

Pg… 10 LIFE Reviews: Movie: Lady in a Cage with Olivia de Havilland, Reviewed by Richard Oulahan

Pg… 29 The View from Here: Old Ev, the Good Wizard, by Loudon Wainwright

Pg… 30 Letters to the Editors

Pg… 32 The Cremation of Nehru: The Funeral of India's Leader Takes Place in New Delhi. Photographed for LIFE by Larry Burrows, Eliot Elisofon and Baldev. On the Scene Report by Lee Hall

Pg… 47 Mystery on Ship of Fear: A Freighter, Its Captain Axed to Death, Sits in Honolulu with a Murderer Aboard

Pg… 50 Beaverbrook at 85: The Publisher Celebrates His Birthday

Pg… 50B People in the News: Lady Bird Eyes a Brand–New Wing

Pg… 50B People in the News: Ike Sinks a Putt and Chips at a Senator

Pg… 50B People in the News: The Danes Put a Head on Their Mermaid

Pg… 55 Outcry Over Piet?: Michelangelo Causes Fuss at the Fair

Pg… 61 Catching Up with Guinness: A Close–Up of Sir Alec Who Tells a Funny Story

Pg… 68 Scarred Face of Verdun: World War I, Part VI: Leftovers Still Litter the Deadly Battlefield. Photographed for LIFE by Alfred Eisenstaedt. The Chaotic Legacy of the War, by William E. Leuchtenberg

Pg… 89 Sidewalk Surfers: Surfboards on Wheels Use Pavement Instead of Waves

Pg… 94A The Name is Verna Lisi: A Cool and Classy Blond Italian Dazzles Hollywood

Pg… 105 Fight Over Phonics: A California town is all Riled Up Over the Way Reading is Taught

Pg… 108 Man Conquers Mt. Eiffel: French Mountaineers Climb the Tall Tower in Paris

Pg… 113 Gemini's Astronauts: The Two Men Picked as the First American Space Team Tell Their Stories. When I Came Aboard I Felt Like a Rookie, by John W. Young. If it Goes Wrong, I'll be Responsible, by Virgil (Gus) Grissom

Pg… 123 Party Pajamas' Party Airs: New Glamor Girls Show Off Summer's Split Skirts

Pg… 130 Miscellany: All Right?if You Insist

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