LIFE Magazine June 7, 1963

LIFE Magazine June 7, 1963 Death of Pope John XXIII


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Pg… 4 Editorials: Now, a Hope for Farm Sanity

Pg… 4 Editorials: In Congress, a House Divided in a New Way

Pg… 8 Trouble J.F.K. Would Love: Adenauer has ?berbesch?ftigung?and Kennedy Could Use It. Special Report by James Bell

Pg… 19 LIFE Guide: Books that Tell You How to Travel Well, Here and Abroad; Films and Fly–Ins

Pg… 25 Letters to the Editors

Pg… 26 Gordo's Own Story: Astronaut Cooper Writes About His 22–Orbit Epic and Brings Back Breathtaking Color Pictures of the Earth as Seen from Space

Pg… 36 Ghostly Clues to 'Thresher' Mystery: A Mile and a Half Down, Cameras Record Eerie Evidence on the Ocean Floor. A Dredge Hauls Up Pieces that Could have Come from the Vanished Atomic Submarine

Pg… 40 Brave Man Blown Up: A Bomb Expert Tries to De–Fuse a Mailbox Bomb?and It Explodes

Pg… 40B A Pachydermic Puzzle: Philadelphia Zoo Puts on an Eye–Fooling Match–Up of Real and Granite Elephants

Pg… 53 World's Biggest Sun Scope: A 500–Foot Tunnel Focuses Images in a New Instrument for Solar Exploration

Pg… 61 Boy's Best Friend: a Dolphin: Mitzie Acts the Lead in a New Film and Makes a Pal of Her Human Co–Star

Pg… 71 Athletes in a Trance: Golfers, Football Players, Baseball Players?Including Maury Wilils?Try to Improve Their Game or Cure Their Ills Through Hypnotism

Pg… 78 That Beloved Rock of a Man: The World Suffers for the Great Pope John XXIII. A Tribute by Novelist Morris West

Pg… 88 Story of Clemmie Churchill: A Revealing Biography Tells About the Little–Known Woman Behind the Man of the Century. Though Winston had a Habit of Tracking Mud Into the House and was Always Late, She Never Got Ruffled. By Jack Fishman

Pg… 107 Man–Killing Water Safari: 57 Boats Start a 12–Day Race in Texas and Only Two Finish

Pg… 114 Miscellany: Using the Old Bean

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