LIFE Magazine March 14, 1955

LIFE Magazine March 14, 1955 The Good Shepherd by C.S. Forester


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Pg… 12 Speaking of Pictures: One Aerial Photo Tells the Whole Story of a Japanese Ski Holiday

Pg… 15 Letters to the Editors

Pg… 23 Dulles Heartens Allies in Asia?Diplomacy at the Rate of a Country

Pg… 28 Helicopters Come to the Rescue of Flood Victims in Australia

Pg… 30 Unrepentant Red Loaders Emerge from Prison, but Only to Face New Trial

Pg… 32 Rowing Becomes Part of the Women's World

Pg… 34 Communist Defeat in India: In the Impoverished State of Andhra Reds Win Only a Few Seats

Pg… 36 Editorial: Churchill's Brave Advice

Pg… 41 Ambush on Israell–Egyptian Line is Prescription for War

Pg… 49 Frying Pan Project: Colorado Civic Boosters Sell Gilded Skillets, Raising Money to Promote a Water Project

Pg… 52 Royal Wedding in Exile: Princess Maria Pia of Italy Marries Prince Alexander of Yugoslavia in Portugal

Pg… 61 Museum Directors' Choice: Dr. Grace Morley of San Francisco Museum of Art Selects Paul Klee's "Nearly Hit"

Pg… 63 Movie Climax: The French Produce a Gruesome Thriller

Pg… 71 Miami as a Fashion Center: Resort Now Produces Breezy Warm–Weather Clothes

Pg… 79 School Architecture: Campuses in U.S. and Japan Break Out in Some Unconventional Concrete Curves

Pg… 87 Acrobatic Walter: A Paris Nightclub Performer's Trifle with a Trayful is an Eyeful

Pg… 91 Animals that Face Extinction: A Portfolio of Paintings, by Walter Ferguson

Pg… 102 Busy Shirley MacLaine: Broadway and TV Understudy Gets Big Movie Role

Pg… 108 Squeezed by Centuries: Britain Builds a Bus to Fit a Historic Gateway

Pg… 113 Capital Looks Southward: City of New Orleans, TIME and LIFE Sponsor Biggest U.S.–Latin American Private Business Conference

Pg… 121 Vanishing Tables: New Inventions Roll Up in a Desk

Pg… 126 "The Good Shepherd": First of Two Parts of a New Novel by C.S. Forester

Pg… 154 A Look at the World's Week

Pg… 156 Miscellany: New Look in Mall Attire

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