LIFE Magazine March 14, 1960

LIFE Magazine March 14, 1960 Margaret and Tony at Windsor Lodge


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Mar 14, 1960 130 pages Vol. 48, No. 10 ISSN 0024-3019 Pg… 1 Cover: After their surprise engagement, Princess Margaret is all smiles beside Photographer Antony Armstrong–Jones at the Royal Lodge in Windsor. Pg… 21 The Week’s Events: Siege on civil rights: As southern senators stage historic filibuster, southern Negroes stage orderly sit–downs. In a special report, Harry Golden tells why Negroes may win the battle. Pg… 36 The Week’s Events: The agony of Agadir: A Moroccan city is shaken to death in a brief but vicious quake catching thousands of victims. Pg… 45 Winning smiles, southern style: A dental study in Alabama looks into prize grins. Pg… 35 Editorials: Right to vote is a must. Pg… 35 Editorials: Arise ye prisoners of taxation. Pg… 91 Photogaphic Essays: Photos of Margaret’s fianc?: Now “retired,” Tony turns out to be corny and gimmicky but witty too. Pg… 103 Photographic Essays: Thurber: An old hand with humor has two hits on hand ? and some barbed things to say about women, world madness, and himself. Pg… 110 Article: The great quest of Robert Jones: Memories of a fabulous hoard in a desert cavern drive an ex–GI, and the U.S. Army, to a tantalizing search for buried gold. By Robert Wallace. Pg… 50 Fashion: High style at low cost: Ohrbach’s does a fast job of copying the latest designs by Paris couturiers. Photographed fro LIFE by Mark Shaw. Pg… 72 Movies: Here’s ‘Can–Can’: Nikita’s naughty film is a merry pomp through Paris nightspots ? but why should it shock Khrushchev? Pg… 57 Movies: America’s Dawn comes up in France: Beauty from Pittsburgh is a Paris star. Pg… 60 Garden News: Glorified mums: New varieties of chrysanthemums give gardeners many–splendored blooms. Pg… 69 Music: A hushed orchestra in Detroit puts on a concert to drop pins by. Pg… 97 Music: Farewell to Priscilla, hello to U.S.A.: Sergeant Elvis Presley comes back home to the girls he left behind. Pg… 79 Education: Unwordly pupils in worldly fight: Amish youngsters are caught in conflict between parents’ stern ways and modern life. Pg… 87 Medicine: Artificial muscle helps paralysis victims regain use of hand. Pg… 127 Party: Honeymoon for Ingrid’s daughter: Jennie Ann shows the old Bergman radiance yachting with her new husband.

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