LIFE Magazine March 15, 1963

LIFE Magazine March 15, 1963 Fidel Castro in Cuba


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Pg… 4 Editorial: The Bible?Good in School, Not in Court

Pg… 13 LIFE Guide: Open House to All at Stately Mansions and Gardens. New Baez and Bikel and Silly Skiing

Pg… 19 Red Rudeness to Africans: Special Report on Disillusioned Students Who Flee an Iron Curtain University. By Jordan Bonfante

Pg… 25 Letters to the Editors

Pg… 28 Inside Castor's Cuba: A Famous Photographer, Henri Cartier–Bresson, Spends Five Weeks in Cuba and Brings Out a Revealing Picture–and–Word Report on How the Cubans are Faring in the Westernmost Outpost of Communism

Pg… 49 Crewel Comeback: How to do the Nostalgic Needlework

Pg… 55 H–Bombs Put to Work: A Color Photograph of the First Atomic Cave. A Mammoth Nuclear Scar Proves Fission Could Move Mountains?or Dig Canals

Pg… 66 Becoming a Nun: A Girl Full of Romantic Dreams Enters a Convent Only to Find that the Nun's Life Demand More than She Can Give. But Others Continue on in Devotion to Achieve a Life of Service to God. Photographed for LIFE by Grey Villet

Pg… 81 Rx to Change Your Mind: Control of the Brain, Part II. New Chemicals and Drugs Can Produce Visions, Affect Behavior and Alter Your Thinking. By Robert Coughlan

Pg… 97 Space–Age Playgrounds: The Colorful New Ones Offer Gadgets Anchored Safely to the Ground?but They Set Children's Imaginations to Flight

Pg… 104 Miscellany: A Gay Blade on K.P.

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