LIFE Magazine March 1979

LIFE Magazine March 1979 Lesley-Anne Down


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Pg… 4 Editor's Note

Pg… 9 Windows Views Across a Century

Pg… 16 Letters

Pg… 22 Mexico Has Us over a Barrel An oil bonanza turns a poor neighbor into a world power

Pg… 31 Danger: Art Thieves They're stealing $100 million worth a year

Pg… 40 Here's 'Haile! At Last It's a Movie

Pg… 47 In China, the Wave of Cardin's Couture–Shock

Pg… 52 Born Again Boston A worn–out waterfront pulses with new life

Pg… 64 Who's Still Afraid of the Big, Bad Wolf? Its changing image stirs up controversy in Minnesota

Pg… 75 Journey into the Eye

Pg… 82 The Buck, Ruble, Franc, Yen?All Stop Here A picture tour of the desks of world leaders

Pg… 92 It Takes All Kinds of Heroes The extraordinary courage of ordinary folks

Pg… 106 Wonderful Winter for Dutch Skaters Photographs by Co Rentmeester

Pg… 115 A Face the Camera Loves Actress Lesley–Anne Down looks great in any guise

Pg… 120 Lord of the Rings U.S. gymnast Kurt Thomas wants to be the world's best

Pg… 127 This Year Anne Frank Would Have Been 50 A memorial tribute to his daughter, by Otto Frank

Pg… 133 Life Around the World Happy Birthday, Albert Einstein

Pg… 134 Life Around the World The End of a Hijacking

Pg… 136 Life Around the World Tender Blessing from a Pilgrim

Pg… 138 Life Around the World Last Stop for a Lost Herd

Pg… 140 Life Around the World A Prophet of Change Takes Over

Pg… 142 Life Around the World Awash in Flip–tops

Pg… 144 Just One More

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