LIFE Magazine March 1980

LIFE Magazine March 1980 Mickey Rooney Lights Up Broadway


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Pg… 4 Editor's Note

Pg… 9 Windows: Sir Cecil's Royal Touch

Pg… 16 Letters.

Pg… 19 Portrait: Marsha Mason by Jill Robinson.

Pg… 22 Tension in a Vital Waterway: at the mouth of the Persian Gulf, Soviet warships work.

Pg… 34 The Agony of the U.S. Olympians: if Moscow is boycotted, all their sweat is in vain.

Pg… 44 Cambodia Rakes the Ashes of Her Ruin: exclusive photographs of unspeakable atrocity

Pg… 58 Volcano Man: scholar–adventurer Haroun Tazieff is a controversy on Inferno Detective

Pg… 68 The Mighty Mickey: Mickey Rooney burlesques it up in sugar babies

Pg… 79 For the Love of Elephants: an inquiry into the violent death of an old friend by Shana Alexander.

Pg… 97 The Picassos He For Himself: the artists private collection goes public.

Pg… 111 Bo's Rows: the pigtailed star of 10 sparks the latest hairdo fad

Pg… 114 Caring for the Burned: a burn Center nurse's unceasing fight against the ravages of fire

Pg… 126 The First "Good Ole Girl.": no shrinking southern violet, Rosalynn Carter backs up her man by Doris Betts.

Pg… 134 The Land the Russians Grabbed: Afghanistan's splendor and desolation: backdrop for violence.

Pg… 142 Life around the World: Death in the Afternoon.

Pg… 144 Life around the World: Portraits of High–Level Leaks.

Pg… 146 Life around the World: The Great Schnozzola

Pg… 148 Life around the World: The Bloody Debris of Prisoners Rage.

Pg… 150 Life around the World: An Exile in His Own Homeland.

Pg… 152 Just One More: A Royal Who? : Cover photograph by Gregory Heisler

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