LIFE Magazine March 1982

LIFE Magazine March 1982 Elizabeth Taylor at 50


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Pg… 4 Editor's Note.

Pg… 7 20 Years Ago: America Commits Itself to a War in Vietnam.

Pg… 8 Camera at Work: the Ballooning of America.

Pg… 17 Portrait: Gary Huckabay, a Teenage Master of Wizardry and Enchantment, by Anne Fadiman.

Pg… 23 Letters.

Pg… 24 In Germany, a Defined Generation: Young People Protest Nuclear Weapons, New Highways and Airport Expansion.

Pg… 32 In the Chips: California's Silicon Valley Is Mass–Producing Millionaires.

Pg… 40 Did the Evidence Fit the Crime? The Trial of Bruno Richard Hauptman Is Reconsidered by Tom Zito

Pg… 59 Hop Hop Hurrah! Aerobic Dancing Goes Wild Worldwide.

Pg… 67 R.O.T.C: Cadets Come Back Strong.

Pg… 72 Treating the Emotions: Part 2, Trouble in the Family, by Jeff Wheelwright.

Pg… 82 LIFE Visits Liz at 50: Looking Great in on the Loose by Thomas Thompson.

Pg… 92 The Horses of Quin: New Treasures Unearthed in China's Past.

Pg… 100 Girl Rockers: a Portfolio of the Uninhibited Female Performers in the World of Pop Music.

Pg… 107 Life around the World: a Record–Breaking Winter Ravages the US Heartland.

Pg… 108 Life around the World: Probing Grim Debris from an Air Disaster.

Pg… 110 Life around the World: Wayne Gretzky: Hockey's Hottest Man on Ice.

Pg… 112 Just One More. : Cover Photograph by Norman Parkinson

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