LIFE Magazine March 1990

LIFE Magazine March 1990 Nadia


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Pg… 4 Moments in LIFE

Pg… 19 Notes from the Interior A dog's last legs

Pg… 20 Letters

Pg… 24 The fall from Grace of an Angel named Nadia, she was our Olympic darling,a perfect 10,an icon, not anymore

Pg… 34 Kings in the Wings, An oilman in London and a nun in Pittsburgh are among the exiled royalty who hope to go home to their thrones

Pg… 48 A fighter never QuitsDown, but not out, a boxing coach called Pops keeps at it for the kids

Pg… 68 She'll Take Manhattan, The ageless story,updated to the 90's, of a small town girl making it in the city

Pg… 81 Our Man in Panama, We call Manuel Noriega a common goon these days, but for 20 years we overlooked his drug dealing and brutality

Pg… 96 45 Years Ago in LIFE, Once a Queen, Always a Queen

Pg… 102 Roseanne, LIFE goes to the hush–hush wedding on TV's most outrageous star and brings back a homey album packed with surprises

Pg… 116 Parting Shots

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