LIFE Magazine March 1994

LIFE Magazine March 1994 The Power of Prayer: How Americans Talk to God


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Pg… 42 Journey: It's not all ruffles and flourishes shoes behind the scenes of Paris fashion week. A rare and while backstage look.

Pg… 54 The Way We Live: In a complex world there are more and more reasons why we pray. Americans bare their souls about their private conversations with God.

Pg… 66 LIFE Special: Heroism in the midst of tragedy: how a team of L.A. Nurses in a crumbling hospital banded together to perform miracles of life.

Pg… 72 Discovery: They are among mankind's most precious treasures. If a photographic portfolio reveals the noble beauty of some deadly beasts.

Pg… 82 Face–to–Face: If you are Tipper Gore. It's easy to juggle motherhood, marching for the homeless and visits with five heads of states in one week. The hard part is keeping in touch with who you really are

Pg… 16 The big picture: in Australia thousands flee a fiery grave; in America policeman put justice in chains LIFE unfolds: how the California earthquake turns one–family stream into disaster.

Pg… 32 Almanac: an engineer rides and into history; some real dolls gain instant fame and a venerable Washington Institute takes a flyer.

Pg… 88 American place: In deepest winter and icebound Wyoming ranch glows with a rare quality of warmth.

Pg… 91 My other life: As a prosecutor, he talked tough. He even took on Janet Reno, but with his true love, e–mails into dimpled charm.

Pg… 92 Sites unseen: Kerry Truman did it. Al Gore will to and Spiro Agnew can't understand how he missed out.

Pg… 94 On–The–Job: It takes a man with magic fingers to fiddle with the aging process.

Pg… 95 Pictures to the Editor

Pg… 96 Just One More : Cover photograph of Fionah Dominis, age 8, by Joel McNally

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