LIFE Magazine March 1998

LIFE Magazine March 1998 Kids Picture’s to God / What Children Want God to See


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Pg… 14 LIFE REMEMBERS: A Brothers Love: Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s intimate farewell to Michael.


Pg… 27 IMAGES: The Pinup Mystique, Mount Fuji worship, Anne Heche's fine Romance, Se?ore Wences's hand–picked heir, Sugarcoated portraits

Pg… 96 CAMERA AT WORK: photographer Steven Myers says it with flowers.

Pg… 104 Just One More.

Pg… 42 EYEWITNESS: Grand Forks Rebuilds… An epic flood swept away everything they own, but a deep well of strength on the town together photography by Eric Berger.

Pg… 54 THE WAY WE LIVE: My Two Left Feet… An amateur hoofer tries to trip the light fantastic, ballroom–style, without stepping on anyone's toes. Photography by Dietmar

Pg… 68 LIFE SPECIAL: Kids Pictures to God… What would you ask God if you had the chance? Through their own photographs, children pose the questions that puzzle them most by Allison Adato

Pg… 84 JOURNEY: The Last of the Whale Hunters… The heroics of the few fearless men allow an Indonesian village to thrive photography by Bond Ishikawa : Cover: photography by Joel McNally

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