LIFE Magazine March 21, 1955

LIFE Magazine March 21, 1955 Sheree North Takes Over From Marilyn Monroe


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Pg… 10 Speaking of Pictures: What Impressionist Produced These?

Pg… 25 Letters to the Editors

Pg… 32 As the Bomb Goes Off, U.S. Scientists Study the Real Perils of Atomic Radiation and How to Minimize Them

Pg… 40 Storm Over Meg's Marriage: England's Pretty Princess Seems Determined to Marry Commoner Peter Townsend

Pg… 42 A Picture Report on How Legislative Talkfest Keeps Arkansas Teachers Poor

Pg… 44 Leipzig Fair: Reds Show Off Their Prettiest Girls and Best Products

Pg… 46 Editorial: The Stock Market and Its "Friends"

Pg… 51 Sir Winston Feeds the Animals: The Prime Minister Relaxes Amid Rumors of Retirement and a Split Among his Opponents

Pg… 54 Cologne Parade: Colorful Caricatures Lampoon Adenauer's Efforts to Rearm, but He Gets the Last Laugh

Pg… 56 Mosaic–It–Yourself: New Tile Kits Cuts the Price of a Luxury Table

Pg… 60 TV Rivalry: Sunday Shows Get Bigger and Start to Run Out of Space

Pg… 65 Hollywood's Sheree North Takes Over from Suspended Marilyn Monroe

Pg… 77 Stark Success: Frances Bornard Buffet Wins Fame by Painting Grim Scenes Even Grimmer

Pg… 85 Storybook Records: Some Talking Books Inspire Chicago Fourth–Graders to Uninhibited Imitations

Pg… 93 Musical Hit Spoofs the Reds: "Silk Stockings" is Fifth Broadway Hit in a Row for Producers Feuer and Martin

Pg… 104 Sequel: Seven Weeks Ago Tim Branham of Kentucky had an Inadequate Classroom?Now He has None

Pg… 106 Party Dresses in Color: Traditional Black is Replaced by Gaudy Tones for the Spring Season

Pg… 113 A New Film on Christ: Portrayal on Screen is Hollywood's First in 28 Years

Pg… 121 Bantam Boxers: A New Crop of Tough Little Fighters Springs Up

Pg… 130 A Great Medical Legacy: Sir Alexander Fleming Dies at 73, Leaving Penicillin as His Living Memorial

Pg… 135 Photographic Essay: Irish Country People, Photographed for LIFE by Dorothea Lange

Pg… 144 "The Good Shepherd": Second of Two Parts of a New Novel by C.S. Forester

Pg… 170 Colorful Projects for Sick Children: Planned Pursuits Make Recovery Easier on Kids and Families Both

Pg… 173 Amiable Boar: Arthur Finds Life Easy in a French Caf?

Pg… 178 A Look at the World's Week

Pg… 180 Miscellany: Three (?) Men on a Horse

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