LIFE Magazine March 24, 1972

LIFE Magazine March 24, 1972 Wilt Chamberlain and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Basketball


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Pg… 4 The Beat of Life: Difference of Opinion in Dublin. A Record Motorcycle Leap. Rumors Enrage the Sioux. The French Test a Bomb. A Polar Bear is Deported Pg… 28 Tampering with Justice in San Diego: An Investigative Report on the Nixon Administration. By Denny Walsh and Tom Flaherty Pg… 38 Editorials: The Grueling Season. Two Down, 21 to Go. Busing to Disaster. The Tet that Wasn’t Pg… 40 A Run on Queens: In TV, Films, Opera and On Stage, Elizabeth I and Mary. Queen of Scots have Their Best Year Since the 16th Century Pg… 42 Panda–Monium: Chou’s Promised Gift to Nixon Revives a Craze Pg… 44 The Perils of Battling Smoke and Flame: Violence and Danger are Part of the City Fireman’s Routine. By Dan Greenburg Pg… 54 All Aboard! Cars and People: Mary Leatherbee Rides the Auto–Train to Florida Pg… 58 Wilt Chamberlain: He Duels Kareem Jabbar Head–to–Head. Off–Court, He is the Owner of a Fantastic New House, Photographed by Ralph Crane Pg… 65 Parting Shots: The Gutty Governor Who Might have Ducked but didn’t, by David Maxey. Neil Armstrong’s Kinsman was Hanged as a Thief, by Jordan Bonfante. One Man’ Life of No Regrets Pg… 16–20 Departments: Reviews: Hugh Kenner Conducts Reviewer’s Choice: “A Question of Madness,” by Zhores and Roy Medvedev; “Maiden,” by Cynthia Buchanan; “The Late Great Creature,” by Brock Brower; “Goshawk Squadron,” by Derek Robinson; and “She Lives!” by Paul Niemark Pg… 16–20 Departments: Reviews: Cyclops on the TV Violence Report Pg… 22 Departments: 24 Years Ago In ‘Life’: Three Bright Prospects: Thomas E. Dewey, Marlon Brando and Baseball Rookie Maurice McDermott Pg… 26A Departments: Letters to the Editors

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