LIFE Magazine March 7, 1955

LIFE Magazine March 7, 1955 Buddhism Religion


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Pg… 10 A Disney Version of the Weightless World–Men's Plight in Outer Space

Pg… 17 Letters to the Editors

Pg… 28 From Continent to Continent: A Guided Intercontinental Vehicle that Could Strike U.S. from Bases 7,000 Miles Away in Russia

Pg… 32 SEATO Takes Its First Step

Pg… 36 Polico Kill a Desperado?and Crowd has a Circus

Pg… 38 Did the Wrong Figure Go to Jane Russell's Head?

Pg… 40 Editorials: Reflection on Some Ideas of Right and Wrong

Pg… 45 How Wiretapping is Accomplished

Pg… 48 Nixon Goodwill–and a Good Neighborly Deed

Pg… 53 The "TI's" Last Trip: A Venerable Steamboat Travels Overland to Its Final Resting Place

Pg… 57 African Resettlement: Under Label of "Slum Clearance" Johannesburg Police Forcibly Move Negroes to Carry Out "Apartheid"

Pg… 65 Goldfish Life Belt: Ian Miller, 7, of England Invents a Gadget to Let His Injured Pet, Flyaway, Come Up for Food Again

Pg… 69 Something New for the Birds: Designer Markets Birdhouses in Plastic and Bright Colors for Spring

Pg… 70 New Head at House of Fath: The Industrious Widow of the Famous Couturier Brings Out a Successful Spring Fashion Line in Paris

Pg… 78 The World's Great Religions: Buddhism

Pg… 105 Mystery on Skis: A World Charles Addams Cartoon Comes to Life

Pg… 113 Clown Swaps Frown: Emmett Kelly Lets Slip His First Public Chuckle as Henry Fonda Imitates Him for TV

Pg… 118 Most Famous Nose in Sport: Will Rocky's Mended Beak Stand a Sunday Punch?

Pg… 125 Hollywood Gets a New Star, Moody Youngster, James Dean

Pg… 133 Two–Year Anniversary: The Horaco Dodge Jrs. Celebrate a Turbulent Two Years with a $16,000 Party

Pg… 140 Mike Todd and His Big Bug–Eye, by Joel Sayro. A Gambling Showman Puts a Bet on a New Screen Process

Pg… 161 Double Duty for a Cattle Van: Some Texas 4–H Clubbers Use an Old Trailer for Hauling by Day, a Dorm by Night

Pg… 168 A Look at the World's Week

Pg… 170 Miscellany: Stag's Last Stand

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