LIFE Magazine May 1, 1964

LIFE Magazine May 1, 1964 New York World’s Fair


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Pg… 4 Editorials: Responsible Tactics Will Win Rights Sooner Pg… 4 Editorials: Well Spoken, Mr. President Pg… 9 LIFE Reviews: Theater: High Spirits, Reviewed by Tom Prideaux; Hardware Catalogs, Reviewed?with Tongue in Cheek?by Will Stanton; Film: The Third Secret, Reviewed by Richard Oulahan Pg… 21 Jews, Nazis and the Vatican: As a Footnote to the Controversy Created by the Play The Deputy, Carl Mydans’ Special Report Recalls the Day the Allies Liberated Rome Pg… 25 Letters to the Editors Pg… 26 The Fair Is a Smasheroo: In Color, the Dazzle and Splendor of the Greatest Exposition Ever. Militant Negroes Try but Fail to Spoil the Gala Opening Day Pg… 36 Hi–Ho, Hussein!: Jordan’s King Takes a Bedouin–Style Horse Ride on a Texas Ranch Pg… 36B Lee Harvey Oswald’s Baby: The Assassin’s Widow Watches the Christening Pg… 39 Balloon’s Unwilling Passenger: An 11–Year–Old Boy Survives a Harrowing Hoist Pg… 40 Shriver of the Peace Corps: He’s Handsome, Busy and a Hot Government Property. By Richard Stolley Pg… 53 World’s Fair of Yesteryear: These, Too, Were Mighty Spectacles Pg… 60 Blimp’s–Eye View of New York: Howard Sockurek Photographs the Shimmering Beauty of the Magic City as Seen from Overhead Pg… 69 Fly’s Tongue in 3–D: New Microscope Shows a Remarkable Sight Pg… 75 Big Dig for a Lost Earring: Prominent Bostonians Search for a 2,300–Year–Old bauble with spades and Spoons. By Jane Howard Pg… 80A Shakespeare at 400?Part II: Sir Laurence Olivier, the First Shakespearean, Takes on Othello and Talks Uniquely About Himself and the “Bloody Sweat” of Acting Pg… 80A Shakespeare at 400?Part II: A Leading Critic Gives His Intimate Appraisal of Olivier. By Kenneth Tynan Pg… 105 Styles for Kentucky Derby Time: Louisville Socialites Sport Their High–Spirited Spring Outfits. Photographed by Howell Conant Pg… 112 Miscellany: Bird in the Bouche

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