LIFE Magazine May 11, 1942

LIFE Magazine May 11, 1942 Joan Caulfield Fluffy Ruffles Fashion


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Pg… 19 The Week's Events: U. S. Opens War on Inflation

Pg… 24 The Week's Events: LIFE on the Newsfronts of the World

Pg… 25 The Week's Events: Toscanini Leads Audience in "Star–Spangled Banner"

Pg… 26 The Week's Events: Sergeant York Signs Up Again

Pg… 28 The Week's Events: Chicago's Col. M'Cosmic Makes Hit As U. S. Counterpart of Col. Blimp

Pg… 30 The Week's Events: Germans Photograph Bombing of Russian Battleships at Kronstadt

Pg… 31 The Week's Events: British Photograph Bombing of Nazi U–boat Base at St. Nazaire

Pg… 32 The Week's Events: Death in Line of Duty Comes to LIFE Correspondent Melville Jacoby

Pg… 35 The Week's Events: Captain Wheless' Own Story of Exploit Cited by President

Pg… 98 Article: How Japan Wages War, by Cecil Brown

Pg… 89 Photographic Essay: Hawaii at War

Pg… 50 Close–Up: Flying Cadet Mcllyar, by George Sessions Perry

Pg… 38 Sports: Dave Freeman Is Unbeatable at Badminton

Pg… 44 Science: Machinings Make Pretty Patterns

Pg… 62 Modern Living: Fluffy–Ruffle Blouses

Pg… 67 Movies: "Saboteur"

Pg… 72 Art: Barse Miller Paints U. S. Soldiers

Pg… 78 Theater: Katherine Hepburn Returns to Home Town of Hartford in New Comedy

Pg… 83 Religion: Small Town Choir

Pg… 4 Other Departments: Letters to the Editors

Pg… 8 Other Departments: Speaking of Pictures: Old Houses

Pg… 12 Other Departments: LIFE's Reports: Target for Tomorrow

Pg… 110 Other Departments: LIFE Goes to Mackay Day at University of Nevada

Pg… 116 Other Departments: Pictures to the Editors

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