LIFE Magazine May 14, 1965

LIFE Magazine May 14, 1965 Skateboarding / Andrew Wyeth and His Art

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Pg… 4 Editorials: L.B.J. was on Top of the Crisis Pg… 4 Editorials: A Non–Crisis He Should Skip Pg… 10 LIFE Reviews: Book: Drelser by W. A. Swanberg, Reviewed by Stanley Kauffmann Pg… 10 LIFE Reviews: Theater: The Amen Corner by James Baldwin, Reviewed by Thomas Thompson Pg… 10 LIFE Reviews: Movie: Synanon, Reviewed by Richard B. Stolley Pg… 27 Letters to the Editors Pg… 28 The View from Here: Aboard a Carrier Off Vietnam. By Loudon Wainwright Pg… 30 Sudden War On a Sun–Drenched Isle: U.S. Forces Seal Off the Rebellion in the Dominican Republic Pg… 38D Washington Report Pg… 41 Space Walk?Cosmonauts’ Story: Russia’s Pavol Belyayev and Alexei Leonov Describe Their Bold First Step Pg… 49 Soupy Sales’ Sudden Success Pg… 59 See–Through Sweaters: Knitwear Joins the Trend to Nudity Pg… 63 Why Don’t Penguins Get Lost?: Built–In Clocks Guide Them Pg… 92 Andrew Wyeth and His Art: America’s Pre–Eminent Painter Relates a Unique Chronicle of a Work of Art. An Interview by Richard Meryman. Wyeth’s Own Selection of His Paintings Pg… 126C Skateboard Mania?and Menace: A Teeter–Totter on Wheels is the Risky New Fad Pg… 136 World’s Fair Troubles: Robert Moses, the Master Builder, has Landed His Fair in a Financial Mess. By Chris Welles Pg… 153 Cellar of Suspense: ‘The Collector’: A Goosebumpy Film About a Butterfly Collector Pg… 158 Big Cue–Up in Home Pool: A Famous Hustler Tells You How to Win at Home. By Minnesota Fats Pg… 164 Miscellany: Overdrawn at the Bank

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