LIFE Magazine May 1980

LIFE Magazine May 1980 Genetic Engineering


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Pg… 4 Editor's Note.

Pg… 9 Camera at Work: old nudes is good nudes

Pg… 17 Letters.

Pg… 29 Portrait: Joan Kennedy, by Ellen Goodman.

Pg… 32 The Russia We Never See: photographs of everyday life in the USSR were smuggled out.

Pg… 48 Weaving the New Threads of Life: the genes of bacteria are altered to produce the wonder drug interferon by Jeff Wheelwright.

Pg… 62 A Painter's Private Eden: Claude Monet's Normandy gardens bloom again in a restoration of his estate

Pg… 70 It's Not the Old Point: women are graduating, but the Academy still resist change by James Salter.

Pg… 81 First Family of Fur: when it comes to fur fashions, Italy's Fendi is numero onu

Pg… 88 Low Riders of the Urban Range: Chicanos make their old cars glitter and prance with Latin style

Pg… 97 Gentle Siren in Distress: how to save the harmless manatee from his worst enemy––man.

Pg… 103 High Art of the Dive: two US stars––Greg Louganis and Jenni Chandler provide demonstrations

Pg… 111 Life around the World: St. Helens wakes with a roar.

Pg… 112 Life around the World: It's a Grand New Flag, the Biggest Ever.

Pg… 114 Life around the World: In San Salvador, Murder at the Cathedral.

Pg… 116 Life around the World: Death in the Cruel North Sea.

Pg… 118 Life around the World: The Greatest Runner of His Time.

Pg… 120 Just One More: Tote That Titanic

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