LIFE Magazine May 1997

LIFE Magazine May 1997 Breath Easy / Sara Hogenson Asthma Sufferer


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Pg… 14 The Big Picture: A contortionist makes like a pretzel; a President makes like a bird; we reclone ewe.

Pg… 32 LIFE Goes… the distance with hundreds of fleet-footed basset hounds.

Pg… 40 Almanac: In celebration of First Families, fax machines and an all-American filmaker.

Pg… 56 The Way We Live: Why does a 67-year-old blind woman adopt handicapped kids no one else will take?.

Pg… 74 Face to Face: Superstar supermoms Salt-N-Pepa rock every house they play – including their own.

Pg… 76 Fighting for Air: New weapons in the war on the alergy and asthma epidemic.

Pg… 94 Journey: Trumping a famous Artic explorer, our intrepid photographer reaches the top of the world.

Pg… 103 LIFE Special: Designed by Frank Lloyd Wright's Taliesin Architect John Rattenbury, LIFE's sprawling sun-drenched, one-story 1997 LIFE Dream House.

Pg… 138 Camera at Work: Art Wolfe captures the postmodern look of age-old tribes.

Pg… 144 Just One More.

Pg… Cover Breathtaking developments in asthma and allergy research.

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