LIFE Magazine May 20, 1940

LIFE Magazine May 20, 1940 French General Weygand


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Pg… 25 The War: Total War Starts: Germany Strikes at Britain Through the Low Countries

Pg… 26 The War: Allied and Nazi Forces Collide on Doormat of Europe

Pg… 28 The War: Parachute Troops Rain Down Behind Dutch–Belgian Lines

Pg… 30 The War: "Der Tag" in Brussels, by Clare Booth

Pg… 31 The War: First Radio Photos of German Blitzkrieg

Pg… 32 The War: 1940 Recalls Belgium of 1914

Pg… 34 The War: What They Said: Statesmen and Generals Speak Words for the History Books

Pg… 35 The War: LIFE Presents a German Air Attack on a London Objective

Pg… 38 The War: U.S. Fleet Watches Dutch East Indies…130 U. S. warships detained indefinitely in Hawaii, night picture of ships' searchlights in pearl harbor

Pg… 44 The War: Billy Bishop, Canada's Great War Ace, Now Peps Up Young Recruits

Pg… 94 Close–Up: France's Weygand

Pg… 86 Photographic Essay: Syria: A Big French Army Guards Near East's Ancient Crossroads

Pg… 41 Transportation: "Empire Builder" Hill's Grandson Builds A Jounceless Railroad Car

Pg… 55 Movies: "Lillian Russell"

Pg… 63 Modern Living: Summer Styles: Fashion Swings to Simplicity As Paris Concentrates on War

Pg… 66 Natural History: Snakes: The Villain of Eden Is an Unloved Friend of Man

Pg… 71 Theater: "Romeo and Juliet"

Pg… 74 Theater: ?Laurence and Vivien

Pg… 78 Education: Psychology Professor Hypnotizes Student in Class Demonstration

Pg… 83 Sports: Drake Relays Carnival

Pg… 114 Art: Warren Wheelock Carves with Yankee Wit

Pg… 2 Other Departments: Letters to the Editors

Pg… 6 Other Departments: Speaking of Pictures: "The Champion Smoke–Ring Blower of the World" in Action

Pg… 14 Other Departments: From LIFE's Correspondents

Pg… 108 Other Departments: LIFE Goes to an Initiation

Pg… 118 Other Departments: Pictures to the Editors

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