LIFE Magazine May 22, 1939

LIFE Magazine May 22, 1939 New York World’s Fair Guide


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Pg… 15 Big Jim Farley Steps Out for the Presidency

Pg… 18 LIFE on the Newsfronts of the World

Pg… 19 Secretary of Commerce on a Fence

Pg… 20 John L. Lewis Wins a Victory But Labor Loses Public Sympathy

Pg… 22 Chicago Granaries Burn to Tune of $4,000,000

Pg… 24 Earl Browder Scowls at Communist Jitterbugs

Pg… 25 Japan Responds to U.S. Honor to Saito's Ashes

Pg… 26 Ambassador of Romanian Oil Tours Capitals of Europe

Pg… 28 Conservation Program Saves Trumpeter Swan, Booms Fecund Elk

Pg… 78 New Ship Honors Greatest American Shipbuilders

Pg… 62 Brazil: Land of Opportunity for Foreigners

Pg… 60 Lady in Blue Hat Pays 500,000 for a Raphael

Pg… 31 Elastic Tops Lessen Huge Stocking Casualties

Pg… 35 Polynesian Color Inspires New Prints

Pg… 50 Latex Balloons Seal Quick–Frozen Food

Pg… 46 Patty Berg Goes to College but Lives for Her Golf

Pg… 37 a Museum and a Sportsman Join to Answer Riddle of the Marlin

Pg… 57 Laurette Taylor Gets Prizes for Acting in "Outward Bound"

Pg… 74 Case of the Impatient Widows

Pg… 80 Girl Guides Make Hit a World's Fair

Pg… 2 Letters to the Editors

Pg… 6 Speaking of Pictures: Queen Geraldine's Dream Palace

Pg… 82 LIFE Goes to the Opening of a $2,000,000 Home for the Museum of Modern Art

Pg… 86 Pictures to the Editors

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