LIFE Magazine May 8, 1970

LIFE Magazine May 8, 1970 Spiro Agnew


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Pg… 36 The Perils of Cambodia: What's Happening to Vietnam's Neighbor Looks Like a Natural for U.S. Military Aid?but Look Closer. Any Answers Must be for All of Southeast Asia. By Kenneth T. Young

Pg… 42 The Nixon Ladies: See How They will Look In Their New Summer Dresses

Pg… 46 A Flaming Dash for Life

Pg… 48 Editorial: How "Relevant" is the U.N.?

Pg… 49 The Man from 'The Boys in the Band': Now Actor Cliff Gorman is in Demand for Tough–Guy Roles

Pg… 52 The Santa Cruz Experiment: An Old Idea in Higher Education Takes On New Life in California and Some Other Huge Universities Follow Suit. "Nobody Hassles Us, Everybody Listens," by Barbara Villet

Pg… 64 Don't Get Spiro Agnew Wrong: He Speaks for the Silent Majority and His Stock Speech is a Talking–To. A Friendly Consideration of the Vice President by Brock Brower

Pg… 79 Ian's Be–In: A Flamboyant Flautist Named Anderson Makes the Jethro Tull Group Rock

Pg… 82 White Rulers of an Icy Realm: Beset by Hunters and a Narrowing Range, Polar Bears Struggle to Survive. Photographed by Co Rentmeester

Pg… 4 Departments: Column: Nine Bike Movies in Seven "Vroom!" Days. By Joan Didion

Pg… 8 Departments: Gallery: Philip Simkin's Weathered Wood

Pg… 16–18 Departments: Reviews: "The Eye of the Storm," a TV Report on a Successful Classroom Experiment in Racial Discrimination, Reviewed by John Leonard

Pg… 16–18 Departments: Reviews: Truffaut's New Film, "Mississippi Mermaid," Reviewed by Richard Schickel

Pg… 16–18 Departments: Reviews: A Reappraisal of Richard Wright, by Clifford Mason

Pg… 30A Departments: Letters to the Editors

Pg… 34 Departments: Special Report: What White Students Think About Black Studies

Pg… 89 Departments: Parting Shots: A Selection of News that is Good

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