LIFE Magazine November 10, 1961

LIFE Magazine November 10, 1961 Communism Khrushchev Master of Big Threat


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Pg… 30 STORY OF THE WEEK: Big Pitch to Shake Up the Universe; in Moscow a Plot Unfolds and a Despot Emerges; the Superbomb, More Bluff than Bang; is There a Way to Fight Back? Yes

Pg… 4 EDITORIAL: K's Play for Total Power

Pg… 38 ARTICLE OF THE WEEK: Part III in LIFE'S Series on Communism. What We Must Do to Defeat Communism. By John K. Jessup

Pg… 42 NEWSFRONTS: Ball–Rolling, Tree–Stuffing?Thurber Memories?Slight Slack in the Boom?Cancer: New Cures Coming?Spacemen in Soft Shoes

Pg… 52 COLOR SPECTACLE: A Sentimental Safari in "T.R." Tradition: New Roosevelt Generations Retrace a Famous African Trek

Pg… 81 PHOTOGRAPHIC ESSAY: Full Life of a Famous Wife: Ethel Kennedy and Her Children. Photographed for LIFE by Leonard McCombe

Pg… 62 FASHION: Evening Extravaganzas: West Coast Opulence with an Oriental Touch. Photographed for LIFE by Bob Willoughby

Pg… 49 DEPARTMENTS: Aviation: Craziest Kite in the Sky: a Wing for Space

Pg… 71 DEPARTMENTS: Sports: Dr. White on Wheels Heads a Fall Ride for Fitness

Pg… 111 DEPARTMENTS: Art: a Million–Dollar Face: Rare Rembrandt Comes Up for Sale

Pg… 21 DEPARTMENTS: Special Report: Violent End for the Lonely Island of Tristan de Cunha. By Lee Griggs

Pg… 18 DEPARTMENTS: LIFE GUIDE to the Lecture Circuit, Books, Records, Sports

Pg… 14 DEPARTMENTS: Letters to the Editors

Pg… 118 DEPARTMENTS: Miscellany: Goodies for Goats

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