LIFE Magazine November 15, 1963

LIFE Magazine November 15, 1963 Vietnam Coup in Pictures


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Pg… 4 Editorial: NATO Alliance is in Danger! How to Save It Pg… 8 Chinese Book Pirates: U.S. Slows Down a Taiwan Publishing Racket. Special Report by Charles Elliott Pg… 15 LIFE Guide: A Bonanza of Good Books to Give Children; a Stamp Show and Money Factories Pg… 31 Letters to the Editors Pg… 34 Revolt in Vietnam: Cover: Victorious Rebel Soldiers?Some Wearing the Red Kerchief that was Their Identifying Mark?Stand Around Palace Grounds in Saigon After Coup. Story: Flames of Buddhist Suicides and the Army’s Guns Destroy President Diem Pg… 44 Disaster at Indianapolis: Moments After an Explosion Kills Over 60, a Photographer Records the Horror Pg… 44B Miss Teenage America: Squeals Resound as the Judges Pick the Prettiest and Most Talented Pg… 49 Wedding of the Cosmonauts: Khrushchev Toasts Moscow’s Splashiest Social Event Pg… 50 Items in the New: Corn Piles Up in Tom Sawyer’s Town. A Spiked Laboratory Simulates Space Pg… 52 Our Nobel Prize Lady: California Physicist Maria Mayer Hears the Stunning News from Stockholm Pg… 55 Peewee Football Grows: Educators and Experts Worry Over the Pressures Pg… 65 Secrets Cooked from a Mummy: French Scientists Poach Ancient Egyptian Shrouds to Recover Long–Lost Writings Pg… 83 Rare White Thoroughbred: Horse of a Different Color is Born in France Pg… 89 Agnes De Mille: Close–Up: Grande Dame of Dance Puts on a Broadway Show Pg… 97 Yale’s Indoor Skyscraper: It Houses a 21–Mile Shell for Rare Books Pg… 102 Faces of the Satellites: LIFE Photographer Paul Schutzer Travels Unhindered Through Eastern Europe and Reports in Words and Pictures on the People of Communist Countries Now Gaining a Little Independence from the U.S.S.R. Pg… 116 Lincoln’s Gettysburg ‘Failure’: A Moment–by–Moment account Dispels the Myths About an Immortal Address. By Dorothy Meserve Kunhardt Pg… 133 St. Louis Dresses Up: LIFE Calls on the Ladies of a City that is Showing a New Spirit of Elegance Pg… 140 Miscellany: Car with Rear–View Dog

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