LIFE Magazine November 1988

LIFE Magazine November 1988 Space Photography


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Pg… 5 Publisher's Note.

Pg… 13 Snapshots.

Pg… 28 Letters.

Pg… 21 Interview: The Entrepreneur, an iconoclastic Brett makes a case for women moguls.

Pg… 32 The View from Here: A Need for Caring, by Loudon Wainwright.

Pg… 34 Special Report: Boot Camp, a close–up of the Soviet Army training its new recruits.

Pg… 46 Campaign '88: George Slept Here, Vice President Bush's trail of houses: is one in your neighborhood?

Pg… 50 Bravo: Now Let Us Give Thanks, I'm nod in gratuity for some good deeds

Pg… 64 LIFE Teaches: Blimps, everybody loves them, but what are they good for?

Pg… 73 At Home: Vanna, the alphabet expert has a new house in the Hollywood Hills.

Pg… 76 Picture Essay: Beggers, the stories of the men and women who live––and die ––on our streets.

Pg… 84 Music:U2, the hottest and brainiest band in the business returns to its roots in Ireland.

Pg… 125 American Landscape: A Place to Cherish, for those who admire the beauty of the wilderness, a hidden jewel in Utah.

Pg… 129 Book Excerpt: Burton, the actor's rich musings on Liz, literature and his lost life

Pg… 150 Issues: Small World, day care is a problem, but some countries handle it better than the U.S.

Pg… 162 Olympics: Game Show, for photographer David Burnett, the drama of the gains occurred away from the finish line.

Pg… 177 Crime: Murder in Blackfoot Valley, who killed the popular couple on their remote Montana ranch?

Pg… 189 Covered: The View from out There, photographs of Earth taken by astronauts and their cosmonauts are illuminated by their observations

Pg… 201 Correspondence: Sincerely, Ron, President Reagan turns out to be a man of letters.

Pg… 208 Nature: Yellowstone, the devastation of a million acres of forest in pictures.

Pg… 214 Miscellany

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