LIFE Magazine November 1990

LIFE Magazine November 1990 Godfather III


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Pg… 4 Publisher's Notes

Pg… 6 Moments In LIFE

Pg… 18 Letters

Pg… 25 Notes from the Interior, Old ladies in Dubuque

Pg… 27 Tunnel, It has taken 250 years, 28 tries and, recently $5 million a day to have Great Britain meet France halfway under the Channel

Pg… 42 Too nice to live, Florida's friendliest underwater mammal–the manatee–could disappear by the end of the decade

Pg… 50 Godfather III, The long–awaited conclusion of this Hollywood epic involves more than one family's business

Pg… 68 The best Thanksgiving, On the fourth Thursday of November 1945, our boys were back home and our heads were bowed

Pg… 82 The return of Mister Bliss, From his Holland HQ,Maharishi Mahesh Yogi is making plans to market TM to the masses

Pg… 94 Shooting back, Armed only with cameras,homeless children capture the unexpected in their lives

Pg… 104 My beautiful balloonist, A pioneer–and eccentric–aviatrix comes down to earth

Pg… 115 Snapshot Crime does pay

Pg… 116 Just one more

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