LIFE Magazine November 1995

LIFE Magazine November 1995 Tiny Victims Desert Storm Birth Defects / Gulf War

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Pg… 12 The Big Picture: Choreography new steps for women; Italians can’t get their history straight; a California murders voice is still Pg… 26 Portrait: Shake Omar Abdel Rahman has studied the Koran. Championed the poor. And plotted the bombing of New York landmarks. Pg… 28 Life Goes…: 9000 people in list when a medieval war breaks out in western Pennsylvania. Pg… 36 Almanac: A memorable spy gets the girl–again; good taste abound at Kentucky Expo; 80 reasons why a kiss is not just a kiss. Pg… 46 LIFE Special: Why are the children of Gulf War vets afflicted with such devastating maladies? And why is our government taking care of them–the tiny victims of Desert Storm? Pg… 64 The Way We Live: How to have a great midlife crisis: Become a cabaret singer. Pg… 92 Journey: The iron Dragon takes passengers through the splendors of the African Veld–and back into another time. Pg… 100 Face to Face: A profound commitment to human rights drives Jimmy Carter to solve the worlds problems. But that’s not his only motive. Pg… 116 LIFE 60 Years: In the 30s bathing suits made a big splash. In the 70s, we took the leap to platform shoes. A fond look back at 60 years of fads and fashions. Pg… 126 Camera at Work: By projecting images from the past onto buildings in modern Berlin, a photographer honors a culture destroyed in World War II. Pg… 132 An American Place: On the banks of the Hudson River, a personal paradise has gone public. Pg… 134 Pictures to the Editor. Pg… 136 Just One More. : Cover photograph by Derek Hudson

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