LIFE Magazine November 1996

LIFE Magazine November 1996 The Dawn of Life / Prenatal Photography


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Pg… 24 LIFE Goes on…: Shore Leave with Two Sailors in the Big Apple

Pg… 10 The Big Picture: In New Zealand, Laziness Is Next to Godliness; a Parisian Intellectual Cleans up His Act.

Pg… 28 Almanac: A Disney Classic Goes to the Dogs; Tales of American Royalty.

Pg… 114 Camera at Work: It Takes a Photographer with Depth to Capture Grace Underwater. : Cover: A Monkey Embryo Raises Questions about What Makes Humans Human.

Pg… 38 Discovery: Prenatal Pictures of Different Species Provide New Insight into What It Means to Be One of Us.

Pg… 92 The Way We Live: They Work: Mobile on and Go to Church on Sundays. Why Are so Many People so Worked up about Gay Marriage?

Pg… 65 LIFE Special: A Political Primer, What Really Separates Republicans from Democrats.

Pg… 78 Eyewitness: In an Illinois, Who, a Little Boys Fall into a Guerrilla's Cage Prompts an Amazing Display of Primal Compassion.

Pg… 84 Anniversary: Celebrating the Birthday of a Tiny Chip That Burst Out Of Silicon Valley 25 Years Ago

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