LIFE Magazine November 1998

LIFE Magazine November 1998 Thanksgiving 100 Best Things About America Now / Christopher Reeve


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Pg… 51 Candidate Fred: On the Campaign Trail with Vermont's Unlikely Senate Hopeful. Photography by Melchior Di Giacomo

Pg… 57 All This for One Whale? Keiko of free Willy fame has finally been returned to Icelandic waters, but at what cost?

Pg… 66 100 Best Things about America Now: From lower mortgage rates to higher SAT scores too relaxed fit jeans, we have many reasons to be thankful

Pg… 68 A Life Redefined: Despite a debilitating injury, Christopher Reeves counts his many blessings. Photography by Harry Benson

Pg… 76 Verna: An 80–year–old naturalists passion for a western mountain range. Photography by Georgia Kokolis

Pg… 84 What They Saw: From the new book: a collection of LIFE'S most compelling images–and the stories behind them

Pg… 96 Quitting the Streets: They gave up the life; now these former prostitutes offer a way out to hundreds of others, photography by Jill Peters

Pg… 102 The Floating Neutrinos: Four adventurers across the Atlantic in a homemade raft, photography by Tom Haley.

Pg… 107 Prime Time: Backstage at the Emmys. Photography by Theo Westenberger

Pg… 112 Stiltsville: The residents of fading Florida community take a stand to save it, photography by Jason Fulford.

Pg… 14 Editor's Note: 100 reasons to be thankful.

Pg… 17 Contributors: the writers and photographers will help bring LIFE to life

Pg… 18 Letters: readers sound off on what's ailing our education system.

Pg… 22 The Big Picture: in France, a transplant makes history; fires ravage a Brazilian rain forest; dinosaurs make tracks in Bolivia.

Pg… 43 Life & Times: bald conventioneers go head to head / fashion week follies, then and now / this month's most read / palling around with Prince Charles / McGwire and Sosa's other considerable gifts / California ferrets sparked a controversy.

Pg… 48 A Day in the Life: midlife. David Paad still marvels at the miracle of birth, photography by Shonna Valeska

Pg… 120 Just One More: Shirley Chisholm becomes the first African–American woman in the house.

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