LIFE Magazine November 24, 1961

LIFE Magazine November 24, 1961 John F. Kennedy Jr. 1-year Birthday

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Pg… 32 STORY OF THE WEEK: A Week in the Life of J.F.K.'s Wife; a Concert, a Birthday, a Spill from a Horse

Pg… 42 NEWSFRONTS: Turnout for Mr. Sam?Thant's Test on Congo?the U.S. Beefs Up Vietnam?Grim Sequel to Tarzan

Pg… 4 EDITORIALS: Giant Step Toward World Prosperity

Pg… 4 EDITORIALS: Dollar Aid Alone, Not Enough

Pg… 60 THE COLOR SPECTACLE: Art Crashes Through Junk Pile: from Machine–Age Rubbish Come Starting New Creations. Photographed for LIFE by Art Kane

Pg… 74 THE PHOTOGRAPHIC ESSAY: A Pulsating, Gyrating, Hip–Swinging Mania Sweeps the U.S. and Europe: and Now Everybody is Doing It – The Twist

Pg… 84 ARTICLE OF THE WEEK: Provocative Clues to the Human Mystery: in Deepest Africa, a Startling Link to Man. By Kenneth MacLeish

Pg… 111 BETTER LIVING: New Homes, Wacky and Staid?a bird, a beast and a bargain

Pg… 49 DEPARTMENTS: Fashion: Mixed Menagerie of furs

Pg… 52 DEPARTMENTS: Movies: sharp sharks of the pool halls in "The Hustler

Pg… 101 DEPARTMENTS: Music: a boffo soprano named Anna Moffo

Pg… 23 DEPARTMENTS: Special Report: transistor craze ? there's no escape. By David E. Scherman

Pg… 27 DEPARTMENTS: LIFE GUIDE to records, nature, art, movies

Pg… 15 DEPARTMENTS: Letters to the Editors

Pg… 118 DEPARTMENTS: Miscellany: the nose has it

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