LIFE Magazine November 3, 1961

LIFE Magazine November 3, 1961 Red Arrow Division Gets Call to Duty in Vietnam


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Pg… 40 Story of the Week: Get your gear on, we're movin' out again. Remembered scenes are reheard and re–seen as Reedsburg, Wisconsin, says farewell to its soldiers of the red arrow division. Photographed for LIFE by Larry Burns.

Pg… 50 News Fronts: Russians versus Chinese… Grim game at the barricade… Benevolent U.S. Bomb… Captain on a burning deck… Millionaires derelicts… Leontyne's reunion sing–along

Pg… 4 Editorials: What about all our police? New England's gift to all.

Pg… 78 Color Spectacle: The Adams papers–part II. A patriot abroad: John Adams diaries and letters recount his lively career as a Yankee diplomat. Photographed for LIFE by Walter Sanders

Pg… 104 Photographic Essay: The biggest new game in American entertainment–it's Warren Beatty, and overnight movie star.

Pg… 129 Article of the Week: The search for the mysterious, J. D.. Salinger–the recluse in the Rye. By Ernest Havemann

Pg… 146 Better Living: Entering with a flourish–the age of the hairdresser.

Pg… 61 Animals: red world of night by day.

Pg… 67 Movies: Paris bound with Diahann Carroll

Pg… 73 Dance: a soaring showstopper–the Leningrad Kirov Ballet

Pg… 115 Sequel: postcard postscript: Margery Michelmoore answers the big question

Pg… 119 Sports: … It's Hawaiian football – Go, Go, Go!

Pg… 18 Special Report: how Denver's cops turned crook: shocking facts behind a city's disgrace. By Baron Beshoar and George Harris.

Pg… 29 LIFE GUIDE: to movies, Americana, books, records

Pg… 12 Letters to the Editor.

Pg… 152 Miscellany: double bubble blow out. : Cover by Larry Burrows

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