LIFE Magazine November 30, 1953

LIFE Magazine November 30, 1953 Sea Creatures Queen Triggerfish


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Pg… 25 THE WEEK'S EVENTS: A New American Comes Home, Photographed for LIFE by Jon Brenneis

Pg… 30 THE WEEK'S EVENTS: Kidnapers Get "The Best the Law Provides"

Pg… 32 THE WEEK'S EVENTS: Sludge, Flop, Splash, Crash

Pg… 34 THE WEEK'S EVENTS: Harry Truman vs. Hoover, Brownell on White Case

Pg… 36 THE WEEK'S EVENTS: The Dutch Close Gap 67

Pg… 43 THE WEEK'S EVENTS: Handyman Takes Over His Scottish Castle

Pg… 51 THE WEEK'S EVENTS: LIFE on the Newsfronts of the World

Pg… 52 THE WEEK'S EVENTS: The Case of the Beat–Up Blonde

Pg… 67 THE WEEK'S EVENTS: John's Other Stripper

Pg… 73 THE WEEK'S EVENTS: Man Who Didn't Come to Dinner

Pg… 150 THE WEEK'S EVENTS: Brother Sam Joins Herb in Washington

Pg… 38 EDITORIAL: The Way to Kill an Issue

Pg… 78 PICTORIAL ESSAY: The World We Live In; Part VII Creatures of the Sea, text by Lincoln Barnett

Pg… 137 ARTICLE: The Iron Umpire of Panmunjom, by Dwight Martin

Pg… 58 SPORTS: Girls Steal the Horse Show

Pg… 113 HOUSING: Project That Pays for Self

Pg… 116 EDUCATION: Explorer Country

Pg… 121 MOVIES: The Return of the Shrew

Pg… 129 SCIENCE: Navy Radio Circles Globe

Pg… 157 THEATER: So You Want to be a Producer

Pg… 167 FASHION: And Now, Fur Dresses

Pg… 4 OTHER DEPARTMENTS: Letters to the Editors

Pg… 16 OTHER DEPARTMENTS: Speaking of Pictures: A Famous French Guide Exhibits Some Topsy–Turvy Mountaineering

Pg… 170 OTHER DEPARTMENTS: LIFE Goes to a Party for a Horse

Pg… 174 OTHER DEPARTMENTS: Miscellany: Come Down, Coach

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