LIFE Magazine November 5, 1971

LIFE Magazine November 5, 1971 Edmund Muskie


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Pg… 28 Defeat at the United Nations: The U.N. Votes Peking in and Taipei Out, Despite U.S. Ambassador George Bush's Tough Campaign to Save a Seat for the Nationalists. By Peter Young. Photographed by Leonard McCombe

Pg… 36 Editorials: Nixon's Odd View of the Court

Pg… 36 Editorials: The U.N. Avalanche for Peking

Pg… 38 The Unlikeliest Indian Since Coolidge: On His Canadian Trip, Soviet Premier Kosygin Becomes Chief Golden Eagle

Pg… 40 Down Comes a Masterpiece: In Chicago, Wreckers Start in on a Great Building by the 19th–Century Architect Louis Sullivan

Pg… 44 Black and White Gather at the River: A Baptist Church in Birmingham, Ala. Drops the Color Line

Pg… 48 Cosmonauts' Family Album: A New Book from Russia Reveals that Soviet Spacemen are Very Much Like Our Own

Pg… 54 Heels Made for Gawking: The New Fashion in High Heels for Men

Pg… 58 Ed Muskie Asks You to Trust Him: A Profile of the Democratic Front–Runner by Brock Brower

Pg… 74 An Old Master Back in the Ring: Luis Miguel Dominguin is Fighting Bulls Again. Photographed by Gordon Parks

Pg… 81 Parting Shots: A Shaker–Upper Wants to be Madame President Chisholm. By Jane Howard

Pg… 81 Parting Shots: Hero Rufus Youngblood Gets the Secret Service Brush–Off. By Sylvia Wright

Pg… 81 Parting Shots: Now at Your Local Theater: a New Kind of Shoot–'em–Up. By Brad Darrach

Pg… 4 Departments: The Presidency: Some Pages not in L.B.J.'s Book. By Hugh Sidey

Pg… 8 Departments: Gallery: Subtle Humor in Paris by Robert Doisneau

Pg… 13–15 Departments: Reviews: Cyclops Looks at "Jude the Obscure" on TV

Pg… 13–15 Departments: Reviews: Film Critic Richard Schickel Finds "Long Ago, Tomorrow" an Unexpectedly Moving Film

Pg… 13–15 Departments: Reviews: "Joiner," a Novel by James Whitehead About a Professional Football Player from the South, is Reviewed by Jonathan Yardley

Pg… 18 Departments: Comment: Calvin Trillin Makes a Plea for the Takin

Pg… 25 Departments: Letters to the Editors

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